5 Reasons Why You Need An Editor

An editor can save you time and money, but most importantly, your reputation. Here are five reasons why you need one to look over your work every time.

Why SEO Is A Mountain You Need To Climb

Engaging in SEO is like climbing a mountain. It becomes more difficult as you climb. A failure to use SEO however will leave you well back in the pack and your competition will be getting the calls you should be.

How To Test Your SEO Progress

Whether you do your own SEO or have an agency, you should know how to check your progress. Looking it up with your regular browser will only get your frustrated however.

5 Ways Companies Show Value In A Digital World

Showing value in a digital world isn’t as difficult as it seems. By doing the right thing for the customer you will change your conversation from price to value. Just don’t try to compete by reducing your price.

Why A Business Should Always Focus On Value

It’s important to show value to your clients before they worry about price. If you do this job properly, a client will never worry about the price. This article explains the pitfalls of not showing value.

5 Things To Cure Writer’s Block

I'm stuck. I know it happens, but I'm a writer so it shouldn't. I should be able to sit down and come up with a new blog article in a few minutes. Well, at least it shouldn't take days. As days pass by with nothing written, I realize I have the dreaded writer's block....