Who we Are

We believe in providing the right SOLUTIONS to the right problems.


Born out of a love for helping people, ClickHelp was founded in 2010 by Thomas Chui. For Thomas, the desire to help people and the possibility of exploring the challenges of the online world were too intriguing. ClickHelp began with coding and web design, but has grown to include all facets of digital marketing. We believe that to properly brand your business, you need a multifaceted approach to your marketing.


We engage every client with our boutique style to create a unique marketing plan that gets results.


Thomas Chui

Thomas Chui

BaBa. Husband. Geek.

I value working with people and businesses of strong character, and have been fortunate to work closely with agencies in the employment sector for many years now, learning what makes them tick.

I’m passionate about helping businesses to not only grow, but to sustain their development.

Sam Ly

Sam Ly

Accounts & Marketing Specialist

My role is always evolving — and I’m always up for the challenge.

From my early role as a social media specialist, I have pushed our business to manage full-scale campaigns and develop new and innovative strategies to help our clients make waves.

My passion is to build real relationships with clients and develop ideas to grow their business along with ClickHelp.

Dan Niznik

Dan Niznik

Innovation & Creative Specialist

The best writing tip I ever got was “don’t save anything”.

It means you should always chase your ideas, and keep your passion for creativity alive each and every moment.

That’s why I put my all into helping businesses develop and grow their brand — to help people rewrite their own stories for the better.

Irina Balachova

Irina Balachova

Visual Design Specialist

I am well-versed in visual communications, and believe in applying a combination of discipline, imagination, and creative energy to take a project from concept to final production.

I focus on aspects of originality, sustainability, and functionality to find the best possible way of turning your message into something that is not only visually stunning, but resonates with any audience.

Our Certifications

In order to provide our clients with the highest quality service, we have dedicated ourselves to knowing our profession. We have earned multiple certifications so we can provide customized solutions to our clients.


We believe in providing the right solutions to the right problems.

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