3 Simple Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics

3 Simple Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics

Do you know where your clients come from?

Not the specific locations, but the marketing channels.

We’ve spoken before about channels, but in brief, a channel is a stream by which a client comes to your door. Facebook is a channel, as is Google.

To properly determine which channel is working the hardest to bring you clients, you have to ask. By getting into a habit of asking how your clients heard of you, then you learn how to make your marketing stronger.

When it comes to your website however, you personally can’t ask everyone that comes your way. You can however load a program from Google. Google Analytics is a versatile program that can tell you many things about your audience. Not only can they tell you where they come from in the world, but how they found you.

The benefits of this Google app don’t end there however.

3 Benefits of Google Analytics

Integration with Adwords
Want to make your adwords stronger? Integrate it with the knowledge gained from your website.
Internal navigation
It’s one thing to know where they come from, but understanding the behaviour once they get to your website can tell you what works. For instance, if you blog, knowing what articles do well will point you towards more articles.
It’s easy to show the data
Knowing data and being able to share it are two different concepts. With Google Analytics, you can share your data easily with any stakeholder in your organization. In minutes you can download the data and starting dissecting the math. The program will even let you add your own annotations so everyone can gain an understanding.

If anyone ever tells you that SEO is a one and done situation then they don’t understand SEO. With Google Analytics you will gain a new level of comprehension about your website and be able to craft your message more easily and effectively.

You should get into a habit of reviewing your data monthly to see the trends and determine what is working and what isn’t. Who knows, it may tell you that everything is coming from Facebook or some other Social Media platform. What matters however is that you take advantage of the information you learn.

Don’t stop. Always be learning.

The Best Four Ways To Take Advantage Of Google My Business

The Best Four Ways To Take Advantage Of Google My Business

Why is the map so important?

Not every industry can benefit from the map, but if you look up some, such as “SEO Kingston”, or “Doctor Kingston”, you will see that Google automatically populates a map. It’s called Google Places and as a business, it’s one of the first places you should populate with information. All you have to do is set up your free Google my Business account.

The map has become a great tool for people. The list is perfect so people can choose the best location based on Google’s recommendations. Many people don’t realize that it isn’t the same thing as Google’s search list. You may not rank well on one, while you come first on the other.

But how can a business take advantage of the map? How can you increase your position?

1. Business information

Your Business Information has to be on your Google business page and across the internet. Once Google can confirm your information is accurate, it will determine that you are a real company and that you’re local. Make sure you add your company information to as many listings as possible.

This section is really broken down into a few smaller points. Make sure your name, phone number, and address are correct and consistent and local. You will also want to make sure your category is correct. You don’t want to compete with Walmart if you aren’t in the same industry.

2. Google Business Page Photos

Adding photos to your business page will help prove to Google that you’re real as well. Not only that, but people looking at your business page will be able to see what your facility is like. If you are show-worthy then people will be more inclined to show up.

3. Google Map

Embedding a Google Map on your website may seem like a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours situation, but it isn’t. It’s more that Google can verify your location if you have their map on your page proving it.

4. Google Reviews

Google believes in the power of social proof. It’s why they have Google+ and why they have a review system. In fact, having more reviews will overweight everything. It’s arguably one of the most important things you go do to make sure people not only see your flag on the map first, but explore yours if you aren’t first. People will tend to gloss over a business that has fewer or no reviews. Making sure your reviews are populated with write-ups is very important too. According to Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers see reviews as powerful as personal recommendations.

Aside from item three, you don’t have to be a web developer to accomplish these items. You want to make a habit of getting them right however so you can ensure people are choosing you over your competition.

Get into the habit of searching for your company to see where you show up. Add your contact info to every new directory that you find, but make sure it’s consistent.

When it comes to reviews, it can never hurt to ask. I’m sure you’re already doing a super fantastic job for them so everyone will want to shout your praises. Saying it, and writing it down or having the time to think about it are two different things however. The best thing you can do is send them an email asking for a review. Be honest with them, you need the reviews to spread the word.

1 Ridiculously Easy Hack Every Business Owner Must Know

1 Ridiculously Easy Hack Every Business Owner Must Know

Google analytics is a free tool provided by our friends at Google to analyze your website. There’s a ton of really powerful tools you can review on the site, but I’m going to talk about one section that every business owner MUST do to understand how clients are engaging with them digitally. Do this to help your business grow.

Once you have google analytics installed, head over to the left side of the page to the Acquisition tab, then all traffic and then lastly to the channels tab.  This is absolute-pure-gold when you want to know what & where your traffic is coming form. I’ve spoken about measurement in the past and this is a great place to gather measurement data. It separates the traffic into categories – Organic, direct, referral and social. Once you set your date range that you want to measure, you’re going to get some absolutely critical information here for your business.

From this SEO sample client of ours you can see that they get about 70% of their traffic from organic search which resulted in 645 new users visiting for the first time in that month. You can also see about 20% of their traffic are from the Direct  results heading meaning someone using their URL directly and about 9% coming from referral traffic like a link from another site. This client spends zero time promoting on social which explains the horrible .17 percent of traffic coming from social networks.

This measurement is part of our comprehensive monthly review for our larger marketing clients that spend on both social and search.  And while our example was exclusively using SEO client’s data, it’s important to recognize the value of the data. Whether you’re a seasoned business or a brand new startup, every business owner needs to look at this report because it empowers data driven marketing decisions. How are you spending money on the acquisition of clients and most importantly which channels are generating real ROI?

Every business owner needs to look at this report because it empowers data driven marketing decisions.

Use this easy tip and you’ll start seeing your data in a different way. We are straight practitioners. Period.