Do you ever get the impression that you’re stage isn’t large enough? That you’re telling great stories and your educational pieces are spot on, but no one is listening?

Finding an audience is difficult work. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising to get to their perfect client. It can be frustrating watching the ad spend tic along if you aren’t connecting to the people you want.

Our advice is always to audit your funnel to see where the conversation is breaking down, at the top where they see your ad or at the bottom as they’re about to hit the submit button.

Social media has become a way for people to test out your knowledge, however. You can post different types of information, but you can also try something new.

Groups offer a new take on the helping hand theory. With a group, you establish a venue for like-minded individuals to help each other. They ask open-ended questions that someone else in the group can answer.

But how does a business take advantage? You can’t use the group to advertise, but there are ways to show your authority and turn the conversation in your favour.

How a business can use a Facebook Group

1. Passions

As an expert in the field, you can offer your advice to people. You don’t need to answer every question, only enough to show your authority. If you are an accountant, you can set up a group for businesses to work on accounting issues. If you own a pet food store, you can set up a pet lover’s group.

2. Listen

Yes, you may have a business page, but sometimes your audience may not want to engage the same way. A group allows them to have open discussions without it feeling like you are watching, even though you may be. A Facebook group may even educate you on how you can market to your audience. A particular issue that comes up may be worth blogging about or marketing towards with your ads.

3. Promote

Not the way you’re thinking. Sometimes you may find that someone else is answering a lot of questions in the group. If you like what they have to say, why not invite them to see whether they would be a good fit for your business? A great employee always brings their own potential clients with them and if you find someone who already has the raw talent you need then you have less to invest in.

4.  Added value.

Sometimes, it isn’t about what happens before they come to you, but after. You can set up a Facebook group for your existing clients so they can discuss how they use your products or services in novel ways. This can also be a way for you to show them how to properly use your services properly if they are mistaken. You can use it as an FAQ.

Facebook groups allow you to change the way you communicate with your clients. You can set the group up for exclusivity so only they get the information and perhaps coupons or other freebies that you’d like to pass on. You can also establish whether someone can see the group at all. With Facebook groups unaffected by the new news feed algorithm, you can have your voice heard a little louder and further away.