5 Facebook Posts That Will Rock Your Audience

Ever get the impression you’re speaking, but your audience isn’t hearing you? It’s like you’re speaking a different language, screaming at the top of your lungs in an attempt to show people they’re walking on the wrong path.

Don’t do it. Don’t take that left.

It’s like watching a horror movie, you knowing the characters should take another path, your audience, making the mistakes you know how to prevent.

Why is that? What are you missing? Why aren’t they listening?

Perhaps you aren’t speaking the right language. Perhaps it’s time to think about your audience, realizing you may not have one audience, but several. If your audience is fractured, how do you speak their languages.

When it comes to social media, there are several forms or languages you can speak. They come in the form of different types of posts. Of course, each platform has a certain language that is more likely to work, but some platforms, like Facebook, are harder to fully grasp. With so many users, you need to think bigger than a diary, filled with your hopes and dreams for the world.

5 different types of posts for Facebook

  1. Industry share – Often what most businesses start with, the industry share is a way to communicate that you are knowledgeable in your field and you aren’t afraid to use another professional to prove it. This type of post is typically humourless, though some well written articles can be humourous.
  2. Did you know or fact post – Whether you embed your logo or the words right onto the page, this type of post is designed to show something about your broad industry. “Did you know that Facebook has 7 trillion users etc. etc. The pictures are often of higher quality and may come from an image website such as Pexels.com or Pixabay.com.
  3. Memes – Theses posts usually employ humour or irony to convey a message. The most notable would be the former most interesting man in the world memes. “I don’t often do this thing, but when I do , I do it really really well.” The images are typically of higher quality, though sometimes a picture of your own making may suffice.
  4. Mini Blog post – Rather than post your article to your website and link to it, you could paste your article directly into Facebook. This type of post is designed to show how much you know about your industry. The image while typically of higher quality may come from your own reserve.
  5. Update post – While this kind of post can come in varying degrees of excitement or importance, essentially it’s highlighting what you or your organization is up to. Though you can just post an update, it works best with a picture. This is the social of social media, so you want to draw your audience in with the use of tags or images they can relate to or may even be featured in. The update post is the most engaging post.

While this article may be focused on Facebook, that doesn’t mean the same techniques won’t work on LinkedIn or even Twitter. What matters is that you continue to experiment with your posts to see what resonates with your audience. What do you use most often?