Case Study

Search Engine Optimization Success

Organic traffic has seen tremendous growth after establishing a search engine optimization campaign:


growth after 24 months


growth after 29 months

  • Phone book advertising reduced to $0

Greenshield Pest Control – Residential/Commerial/Industrial Pest Control

SEO, PPC, Social
Have you ever come across an advertisement in the local paper and the webpage for the same company? Did you notice how sometimes it seems disjointed, like two different people wrote them? Perhaps they have dissimilar colour schemes, an inconsistent message, or the voice just doesn’t jive. Sometimes you don’t know what it is, but you know something doesn’t fit.

Greenshield Pest Control was in this position before working with ClickHelp.

At Greenshield, partners, Curtis and Travis Monnier, strive to establish a safe environment through a professional and courteous pest management control system.

They combine their passion for helping people with their 25 years of technical experience to ensure their clients have the peace of mind knowing the pests invading their home or office will quickly be taken care of in a safe and humane manner.

Project Challenges

Before the campaign was started for Greenshield, their marketing was fragmented. Unfortunately, with so many venders, they were trying to consolidate the message themselves.

Their agencies couldn’t craft a cohesive message, especially with the phone book, which charged too much for services that showed little to no value. Greenshield wanted to consolidate and improve their strategy so they could have a strong online presence.

Of course, complicating this was the fact that their market share was being eroded by smaller, specialized companies as well as larger non-local companies coming into their territory.

Greenshield had to rank well to increase the website visitors and consequently, their leads.

“We can’t afford to waste time and energy on marketing that doesn’t go anywhere. And the fact that we can see exactly where our customers are coming from is perfect.”

Travis Monnier
The campaign has grown to include:

• Social media marketing
• Blog
• Google Adwords
• Facebook Ads

ClickHelp and Greenshield have a monthly meeting to go over their data and compare ROI of each facet of the campaign. If something doesn’t work then they monitor or pivot to another strategy. What matters is the collaboration between Greenshield and their agency and the consistent voice they have established across all of their marketing channels.

“It’s great. We have a lower expenditure on traditional marketing and our profits have increased,” Monnier says. “We’re even signing up for more with ClickHelp. Thomas and his team get it done.”

All too often, a company will have multiple marketing strategies with several providers to take care of their print and digital marketing, even going so far as to have separate vendors for their social media marketing and their webpages. This makes your message disjointed and won’t give you a consistent voice. The concept of inbound marketing brings these elements together so you maximize the clients in your sale’s funnel and increase your ROI.