What is your value?

By now, you understand that selling on price will eventually make you go bankrupt if you have any competition. You drop, they drop, eventually sales drop, or they don’t, and you’re employees drop because you can’t afford to pay them. Value is your best option.

Selling on value is a long term play for your company. You establish a value and then you don’t worry about whether the competition is five cents cheaper. In a world that talks about price, no one wins except Walmart and Amazon.

But how do you show value?

When you are face to face with a client, they see value in your time, or in the product when they use it, but in a digital world, we don’t always have the luxury of time or being in front of your audience. That’s why you want to emulate those efforts in the ether.

5 way to show value in a digital world.



At this very second, you are reading a blog. You may or may not be one of our clients who get our content writing, SEO, or website hosting services. What matters is that we are offering information to you without trying to sell anything. You can learn things from our blogs that you can incorporate into your own marketing or business development.


Social media

Like the blog, you can’t just throw up coupons with every post. You need to give a variety of things, sometimes tips, sometimes funny anecdotes, sometimes full on how to’s. The value is the conversation you have, whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Each platform has its own intrinsic value so you know what type of posts should be seen on each of them. If you are out there hocking your wares with every post though then you are back to talking price.


Digital customer service

You know the feeling you get when you message a company and they don’t respond? Whether it’s through Google, Twitter, email, or even Google’s business page, communicating with a company is supposed to be easy. If you aren’t answering, someone else is. There is a new trend to make this response an AI, which has many downfalls, but for some it might work. What matters is that you are available or if you aren’t, then you have an automatic response to tell them when you will be available.


Digital downloads

Try before you buy is simple when it’s a car or nail-gun. What about a farm or a digital marketing agency? One way is to offer downloads when someone visits your website. Those downloads could be a large blog post, or recipes, or a full review of certain products you sell with how to’s to use them in unique ways. When it comes to digital downloads, your imagination is the only thing holding you back.



Today’s consumer is smart. They look for social proof that what you say is what you do. Reviews are that proof. Having one or two reviews is okay, but with every new review that someone adds to your Facebook, Google, Houzz, etc. etc. page, the more people will see that your services are worthwhile.


Showing value in a digital world may seem complex, but it all boils down to one simple concept. If you truly put the customer first and do what’s right for them, then you will be showing value. Stop worrying about the next sale and embrace a system of serving – not servitude mind you – but serving. You still set your price, you just don’t focus your marketing efforts on it or strive to be the lowest.

Once you embody a system of value, your clients will love you for it and reviews will come easily with nothing but a request. An email to your client after you serve them and they will happily give you the rating you deserve.