Yes, I spelled behaviours with a “u” as I am Canadian and follow Canadian grammatical standards. Celebrate it if you’re Canadian, snigger at it if you’re reading from State-side.

For the longest time when studying how to help my clients I would constantly look at my American contempories to see the strategies they’d been employing. I assumed with their experience, I would be able to take some short cuts. Essentially I could learn from their mistakes.

“Target this”, they would say, or “Target that behaviour”, they would exclaim. The reality is that Canadians are short changed when it comes to the features our American friends have at their disposal.

Canadian marketers have to work doubly hard – not complaining – to extract the same amount of value when trying to get the most for our clients. As a marketer, I get excited that I can work with this type of detail, but I do long to have some of the striking benefits Americans enjoy.

Missing Behaviours In Ad Manager

1) Automative
2) Business-To-Business
3) Charitable Donations
4) Financial
5) Job Role
6) Travel
7) Purchase behaviour (Limited)
8) Seasonal Events (Limited)

Missing Demographics In Ad Manager

1) Income (30k-500k+)
2) Net Worth
3) Home (Limited)
4) Office Type
5) Ethnic Affinity
6) Parents (Moms)
7) Politics

The following graphics come from our friends at Wordstream who put together an epic infographic on all things related to ad targeting on Facebook. What you see below is my chopped up version of their piece of art that represents what we Canadian marketers have to work with.

Missing Behaviours Facebook

 Missing Demographics Facebook

It can be disappointing when you see all the X’s on the infographic; it really highlights the disparity.

This piece isn’t designed to illicit pity however, but to invite creativity. Now that we know the limitations of our data, our challenge is to determine how we can maximize a Facebook marketing campaign. How do you do it? Do you click off a few ticky boxes and let it ride, or have you found the combination of demographics that define your perfect client?

While we’ve had success in marketing for our clients on Facebook, we’ve also had some failures. What strategies have you tried, either good or bad?