5 Important Tips To Make Your Facebook Pictures Better

By now you’ve surely spent too many hours pouring over the Facebook metrics available to you. You know what makes your audience tick or ticked off for that matter.

You have realized that across the board, whether you’re in a technical industry or the financial industry, what really resonates is the social in social media. You need to connect on a human level to show you`re a real person and not a robot dishing out tidbits of information like it’s candy.

If you’re not sure how to write your posts, then check out our other options for writers. In the meantime you should probably become familiar with your phone. With a decent phone you will be able to record videos and take pictures. It may take awhile, but following these tips will help your image content become worthy of a photo contest.

  • 1. Check your fingers. Fingers and gloves and anything else that gets in the way of the lens. We don’t want to see a muffled half picture.
  • 2. Focus on one or two elements. When there is too much in the photo then your audience doesn’t know what you’re trying to communicate. That means taking photos with fewer people or actions being present.
  • 3. Watch your shadow and reflection. If you’re supposed to be in the picture then great, but if not, the a mirror or shadow many ruin the importance of an image.
  • 4. Correct the vantage. Take pictures with the correct vantage make more sense. They are easier to understand.
  • 5. Get a picture of something interesting. Make it social. That means more pictures of your people doing work or the dogs looking interesting. What matter is that you engage you audience.


get a picture editing app. There are ways to make your images look a lot better. Having the ability to spruce up the background or colour sequence can mean the difference between a casual image and art.