When it comes to SEO, the old paradigm has changed and expecting to focus on a few keywords to own a specific sphere of influence just doesn’t happen.

Think about your search habits for a second. Do you enter one word on its own or do you put in a phrase or a group of words? Google’s algorithm takes this into consideration. That means your SEO practices and as a consequence your content has to be relevant and helpful.

Let’s look at a real world example for a moment. Car Medics is an auto repair shop in the Kingston region. At the time, Car Medics had been a client for a few years. They ranked well on Google in a saturated market. There are fewer than 2000 people per auto repair shop (90+ in the region), and that’s not even taking into consideration those people who don’t own a vehicle.

In this case for Car Medics, they had just expanded to a second location and wanted to capitalize on the good SEO position that ClickHelp had established for their first location. Their focus was on SEO. “In the last 12 to 18 months we’ve really put a focus on getting our name out there for both stores and to show we have the same level of service at our new store that we had at our Rigney location,” says owner, Phil Deveau.

The results were fantastic.

Year-Over-Year Growth

Car Medics has experienced year-over-year results as follows:

  • 85% increase in total web based engagements at their first location
  • 193% increase in total web based engagements at their second location
  • 120% increase in telephone calls originating from their Google listing that can be attributed to SEO for their first location
  • 975% increase in telephone calls originating from their Google listing for their second location

These kind of results wouldn’t happen if the SEO efforts didn’t consider long form search terms. Additionally, Phil has established a blog to great effect. The added content provided by the blog helps his site rank higher with relevance and helpfulness, both key elements of SEO.

If you want to explore whether your company can experience these kind of results, give us a call to discuss the effects proper SEO practices can have on your website.