Facebook Marketing – Part 2

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As much as we’d like to think we can run forever without a website, we can’t. We eventually must have one to communicate to our audience. In fact, a website can help convert your audience. You do however have some legwork before it becomes the Taj Mahal.

Step 1 – Buy a web URL

Yes I know, this is about how we can leverage Facebook to get you your website, but it’s important you actually have a website fairly early in the process. You can own one for as little as ten bucks and around a hundred to have it hosted for a year. You really don’t have to do much with your website, only a coming soon picture. What you gain however is @yourwebsite email address, something that will make you appear more professional.

Step 2 – Open a Facebook business page

The whole process can takes as little as ten minutes to get a simple page set-up. You want to pre-populate it with a couple industry posts and pictures of your company, your logo, and your product or service. If you do this yourself there is no actual cost beyond your time.

Step 3 – Build an organic audience

This is the part where you work. It isn’t easy, but what work is? Building an audience takes time and while some industries lend to developing an audience easier than others, you still have to earn those like. Buying a thousand likes on your Facebook page is hollow and won’t establish any engagement. This process doesn’t have to cost anything though there are things you can do to help or give yourself a boost, but more on that later.

Step 4 – Establish an ad campaign

While you can certainly do this part yourself, Facebook has a how-to or four, establishing a relationship with an agency that does Facebook marketing is wise. Facebook has a certification process to teach you how to take advantage of their demographic engine. You goal is to establish a campaign to do just that. The campaign can be as simple as words on a page or as complex as a creating a visual advertisement as well as landing pages within Facebook or your website. These landing pages are designed to specifically convert the audience that is landing there.

You can spend a lot of money at this stage, but if you are target the right audience then it’ll be worth every penny.

Step 5 – Boost Posts

Boosting posts has historically received a bad rap. Essentially through the same demographic engine that ads use, you boost any post, regardless of its content to a wider audience of your choice. Boosting doesn’t cost as much as an ad campaign and for as little as a dollar a day you can expand your reach significantly.

Step 6 – Earn money (Profit)

Ok, it isn’t that simple. You may actually have a store on your Facebook page, but if you don’t, your goal is to convert your audience. To do that, you have to increase your audience. Your short time play is your ads, your long term is your posts. Over time, you increase the number of people who you interact with on your page, either through likes, comments, or shares. The demographic engine enables you to lead people to like your page and over time to convert your audience.

Step 7 – Create website

Once you make a bit of money you can pay for a website. In fact, if you are a self-starter, you may have been creating content since the beginning. With a website, you have another opportunity to convert your audience, either through people who come from Facebook or Google. You can build specific landing pages for segmented audiences and begin blogging to show the value of your knowledge.

Step 8 – More profit

You’re welcome.

A website isn’t a field of dreams. You can’t build it and expect your audience to arrive as though they were waiting for you to finally put up your site.

By establishing a funnel first, you can coax your audience into your virtual store and interest them with nuggets and morsels until they’re ready to move on to the next level.

Are you ready to set up shop? Let’s start with step 1. Think about what you want your website to be. This part isn’t going to be easy. Choosing the perfect website takes a long time, making sure it isn’t already taken is even longer. It’s worth it though, so pull out your pad of paper and get writing.