Case Study

Lead Generation Success

Now using a targeted social media marketing campaign, the company is seeing tremendous results.


return on initial investment

  • 15 Leads in 14 days.
  • Cost/lead = $13

Dorey & Tolgyesi – Insurance Brokers

Social Marketing & Local SEO
Selling insurance is a complicated business. Prospects are usually unwilling to admit they need the service or don’t wish to plan ahead and with costs rising, this trend is difficult to overcome. This holds true for many property/casualty requirements; business insurance, liability insurance, vehicle insurance just to name a few.

Dorey & Tolgyesi Insurance Brokers Ltd. was founded on almost 50 years of combined insurance sales experience by Jim Dorey and Ernie Tolgyesi. As an independent brokerage, they are not beholden to any insurance company and can offer the appropriate coverage for every situation.

This philosophy has now lead Ernie Tolgyesi to augment traditional referral sources for business. He recognised that more consumers were doing research online before employing their services.

Project Challenges

Unfortunately, according to Google, with over 20 competitors, most being major players, Ernie knew he had to rank higher in those searches to see positive growth for his company.

“The insurance market was fragmented, but being a well known broker in the local community, we knew we could rank high in all categories,” Tolgyesi says. Dorey & Tolgyesi found Click Help because we wanted a local business, but also because they were easily located online which makes sense when looking for an SEO optimizer.

Dorey & Tolgyesi tried several other companies before finding ClickHelp, but recognising a kindred corporate philosophy, the company switched.

“We were getting leads before, but we are very happy that the leads we get now with ClickHelp are excellent.”
Ernie Tolgyesi

“Our results have been outstanding,” Tolgeysi explains. “And all because the leads we’re getting are quality leads.”

When you move to an inbound marketing strategy, especially with a paid social media ad campaign employing Facebook, you aren’t throwing darts at a wall hoping they will stick. The complex algorithm is like placing you less than an arm’s length from the board with a dozen darts in hand.
In the case of Dorey and Tolgyesi, a streamlined quoting system was established which delivers qualified leads to the company. They can then determine which lead to explore immediately and which ones aren’t as serious.