Case Study

Year-Over-Year Growth

Car Medics has experienced year-over-year results as follows:


increase in total web based engagements at their first location


increase in total web based engagements at their second location


increase in telephone calls originating from their Google listing that can be attributed to SEO for their first location


increase in telephone calls originating from their Google listing for their second location

Car Medics – Auto Repair

Local Search Engine Optimization
Increasing your potential clients’ awareness of your business is the primary focus for most business websites. Your audience has a problem and you have the means to solve it. Unfortunately for many businesses, getting people to come through your virtual door can be a complicated and often misunderstood process. The website itself cannot accomplish this. One of the facets of inbound marketing is drawing clients to your website through search engine optimization (SEO). Locally owned and operated in Kingston since 1993, Car Medics ( is the destination for quality car repairs and maintenance in the Kingston area.

Car Medics has a comprehensive system of inspection and diagnosing a vehicle’s ailments. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff whose goal is to get you back on the road.

Project Challenges

Their market in Kingston was fairly saturated with 169,900 people in the metropolitan area (StatsCan) in 2015 and 90+ vehicle repair shops according to Google.

They have been rated in the top three car repair shops in Kingston on When Car Medics first came to us by referral in 2015, they had just purchased their second location and were hoping to align the marketing and profile of the new location with the one established at their initial location built in 1993. “In the last 12 to 18 months we’ve really put a focus on getting our name out there for both stores and to show we have the same level of service at our new store that we had at our Rigney location,” says owner, Phil Deveau.


“If we didn’t have the power of SEO
I know we couldn’t have seen these kind of results”

Phillip Deveau
Owner & Operator, Car Medics

SEO is the way of inviting clients into your virtual world. It is a complex, ever changing system that helps you rank higher on search engines such as Google & Bing.

Creating a website is only a minor step in engaging with your clients. It’s been proven that the higher you rank, the better your chances of enticing your potential clients to click on your link instead of your competitions’.