Branding & Print

Branding is the emotional conversation you have with your clients to define your company. It is both the message and the medium, an amalgamation of all the elements that define what your business is, what your business does, and what it stands for. It is the consistent message that you direct towards your audience to differentiate yourself and secure their loyalty.

That means for you to truly separate yourself from your competition, you must first establish your brand, remembering that something as simple as your choice of paper can convey as much as the words you’ve written on it.

With the advent of digital media such as the internet and social media, many people hailed the approaching demise of print media. ClickHelp however sees print in a new light. In fact, integration with digital media has made print all the more important and versatile. It is a tactile element that evokes an emotional response in most people and when leveraged properly can address a market like no other media.

Brand Consistency

Your brand will continue to evolve as the market and environment changes. It is the spark that breathes life into your company. ClickHelp will not only help you define and establish your brand identity, but we will monitor your message and keep it consistent across all the forms of media that you choose to explore.

Print – Direct Mail

ClickHelp’s print strategy includes the ability to deliver to anywhere in Canada for less than a quarter of the cost of sending direct regular mail. This can be used to establish a relationship with an audience that doesn’t use digital or social media or to complement a digital marketing strategy already in place. Don’t miss out on the innovative ways that ClickHelp can help with your print media.