You’ve done it. You’ve made the plunge and now you’re an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately the question is, where do you start? There was a time when you could open your doors and people would just wander in. That’s what your parents or grandparents did. All they needed was a phone number and shazzam, the world started calling.

You, however, aren’t so lucky. You know your product or service is perfect, if only people could see it. The problem is letting people know. You just have to get the word out there.

Everyone has told you already that you need a website. Do you have a website yet? Who’s building your website? Are you building your own?

Of course, the answer is the internet. A website is the answer to everything. It will tell people what you’re doing and explain to them how you do it. It’s perfect, right?

You’ve been online all week checking out your competition. Every single one of them has a website, all beautiful, compelling, and spot on.

If only you could make something like that on your budget. If you had enough money to pay someone to build it, or the skills to do it yourself. What you need is a website NOW so you can start selling.

The answer isn’t by building an expensive website that may take you weeks to produce.

No, what you need is a Facebook business page. Not a profile, but a page.

7 Reasons to Choose Facebook

1. It comes with built in Champions

There are gatekeepers in every industry. The shareable nature of Facebook allows you to communicate with them and turn them into your champions to do your marketing for you.

2. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Any real estate agent will tell you that the most important element of a house sale is location. The storefront application allows you to sell directly from your Facebook business page and they don’t even charge you a commission.

3. Add-on apps

There are so many applications you can add to your Facebook page. You can use thirdparty apps like schedulers, add your Twitter feed, or build your own. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure them out and you can add them today and remove them tomorrow if they aren’t working for you.

4. Time is of the essence

Facebook allows you to schedule your posts or you can use social add on programs like Buffer and Hootesuite to make it seem like you’re posting when you’re actually working. The consistency that scheduling allows you is great for getting in front of eyeballs when they’re actually looking at Facebook.

5. Mobile friendly to update

In the field? No problem. There isn’t a huge login process to post whatever it is you want to communicate to your audience. And because you’re using your phone, you can add a picture right there.

6. Open Forum

Customer complaints are out in the open for anyone to see, as are your responses. Respond well and you have the perfect opportunity to convert complainers into champions.

7. Limited design

With Facebook, everyone is the same, which means you are all on the same playing field and your content is what matters. It doesn’t matter if you’re competition has three stores to your one. By sharing and creating compelling content, your audience will grow.

How to Take Advantage

Websites cost a lot of money. Even if it’s simple, you’ll be spending at least a thousand bucks and then there’s the upkeep.

And the last agency you spoke to said it would take at least a month to get you up and going. A MONTH!

Of course, you don’t have that kind of time. You need to get selling now.

Facebook is the answer. You can build your page tonight and have it running by morning. YOU can do it. You don’t need an agency to make that happen.

When you’re ready, you can think about a website, but until then, grow your audience and sell your wares.

Click here and head over to Facebook to open your page. All you really need are a couple pictures and a logo. You could be speaking to your audience and earning money by morning.