I’m stuck.

I know it happens, but I’m a writer so it shouldn’t. I should be able to sit down and come up with a new blog article in a few minutes. Well, at least it shouldn’t take days. As days pass by with nothing written, I realize I have the dreaded writer’s block.

I understand it doesn’t have the resounding drumming sound as thunder and lightning crash above, but imagine you sit down to work with a client and nothing comes. You can’t work with them because everything you know is gone. That’s what it’s like when writer’s block hits.

But then again, that’s not the reason for this article. This article is to help when you sit down to write an blog post and nothing comes. Everyone knows your time is better spent getting out to speak to your clients instead of writing articles.

Short of hiring a freelancer, here are three things you can do to combat writer’s block.

Carry a notebook – Writer’s block is typically a problem with starting. Once you get your article started then the rest of it flows. Having notes will give you blog ideas. Then all you have to do is educate your audience about the topic at hand.

Watch your time – Set a time that you can write, whether it’s every day or once a week. Make sure it’s consistent.

Clear your desk – Phone’s have games. When you are having difficulty focusing, then playing a video game or trolling through the internet isn’t going to help. It’s going to take you further from your goal.

Clear your mind -Writer’s block usually comes from your mind being filled with too much else to focus on your immediate task. Whether you do exercises to clear your mind or you use the time to write everything that’s upstairs down on paper, get it out of there.

Ask a customer to ask a question – You don’t usually have an actual problem explaining your services to a client and your blog is about education. Ask a client what they would like to learn and then write about it as if you were speaking to them directly.

Writer’s block to a writer can be devastating. It’s an inability to access your money making skills. To an entrepreneur however, it’s an inconvenience that can waste your time. By recognizing the signs of writer’s block you can immediately take these steps to combat it so you can get back to work.