That’s it. You’re at the stage that you’re ready to give up. Surrounding you sits a growing pile of crumpled up papers, the fruits of your very long labour. You’ve got hours invested in your content and nothing to show for it and the only person you have to blame is yourself.

So why did you do it yourself? You had a few choices. You could do it yourself, have your employees do it, or hire a freelance writer.

A freelance writer? You’ve heard of them, but aren’t sure if they’re right for you. What you’ve heard is that they are expensive and don’t know anything about your business. Obviously, they don’t work for you so you’re sure you won’t be able to trust their judgement. They’re just not good enough, right?

Well, perhaps not.

A Freelance writer can be a perfect fit for your marketing team. In fact, they may be considered the gel that keeps your message together. Even if they don’t create all of the copy for your website or brochure, passing it through them can mean the difference between good and great. But the question is, what makes them right?

The Reasons

1. Your time is money

How much can you earn in an hour of work? I don’t just mean how much you pay yourself. When you are working, how much do you earn FOR your company? How many widgets can you sell? Or manufacture?

How about your employees? They may do a great job with their chosen profession, but that doesn’t mean they can write it all down in an efficient manner. Furthermore, expecting them to accomplish their work and do extra jobs on top, or worse, during their personal time is asking for a revolt and may be returned to you done with crayons.

By choosing a freelancer, you and your employees can do what they do best. Go earn money for the company and then happily go to your daughter’s music recital or help your son with his math homework.

2. Fluency

There is an often quoted fact that a newspaper is written for the 6th grade reading level. While it’s questionable whether that’s the actual level, the point is, you want to accomplish one important thing with your writing. You want to speak to your reader. You don’t want to get too technical, throwing in jargon words that your audience won’t understand, nor do you want to write beneath their reading skills with such poor grammar and structure that they lose interest in your content.

A content writer will immerse your reader with their art so by the time they finish, they won’t realize even how long the article or brochure actually was.

3. Consistency

Ever try to emulate someone else’s work? It’s not easy. When it comes to writing, it’s all the more difficult, especially without actually copying the work directly. Whether it’s to create similar content for your other marketing, or to bring several pieces under the same voice, a freelance writer will add certain terms and voice to make it sound like everything came from the same place; you.

4. Complexity

Writing is actually an art. And much like the art you see in a museum, it can have different meanings for different people. An artist can layer certain meanings throughout the content so what you get isn’t just what you see. A good freelance writer can layer your content so a subliminal message is conveyed.

Think about the greatest company logos you’ve ever seen. At first glance, they are simple like the FedEx logo. Do you see the arrow between the E and x? Subliminal messaging is at the heart of marketing.

They can write also with a mind towards SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so Google ranks your website higher and you get more traffic. You want to take advantage of every tool you have to draw clients to your doorstep.

There are many ways to produce content for your website. You don’t have to choose any of them exclusively. A freelance writer however will add complexity, clarity, and professionalism that is worth more than the hourly rate their going to charge you. Find a writer that you like and cultivate the relationship. Educate them in your business so when the time comes, you get the best of both worlds, your knowledge and experience with your business, written through their knowledge and experience with writing.