I’ve been sharing tactical strategies on the Vlog, and today’s Vlog is no different. It’s a goodie. When creating an ad for your client, the messaging is the first key and writing the proper copy is absolutely critical.

I can’t take credit for this, but I do employ it often. When trying to write the best copy for an ad, the Feel, Felt, Found method works exceptionally well. It goes basically like this: I know how you feel, I’ve felt this way too, until I found… it’s so simple yet so very effective.

The first part: I know how you, FEEL. The notion here is you want to create a connection. That connection is
what powers and drives the ad and creates the initial interest. This can be both a positive or negative feeling. When it’s a negative feeling it’s usually called a pain point.

The second part: I have FELT the same way too. You want to create empathy, true empathy by reinforcing the
same initial feeling, but expanding on it to create further connection. I’ve felt this way too. I’ve been there as well. Everyone wants to bel understood and your copy is infinitely more powerful if you can illicit that same type of connection and empathy.

The last part: Until I FOUND. This is where your product or service comes in. Your product which has to be good resolves those feelings in Feel and Felt. If you’re selling a pair of Construction Boots, it’s much easier to create a connection by describing the feelings of tired feet and that your boots are going to resolve that discomfort than it is to describe the boots having hardened soles or three layers of waterproof protection. There are some clients that absolutely care about those stats on boots, but the most powerful ads are the ones create an emotion connection.

…the most powerful ads are the ones create an emotion connection.

Listen, the ideal prospect isn’t one that understands what you’re selling, obviously, that’s important, but your ideal prospect is one that feels understood by you. Execute this strategy and you’ll find a lot more success and increased click through rates on your ads.

Again, we’re straight practitioners. Period.