Google analytics is a free tool provided by our friends at Google to analyze your website. There’s a ton of really powerful tools you can review on the site, but I’m going to talk about one section that every business owner MUST do to understand how clients are engaging with them digitally. Do this to help your business grow.

Once you have google analytics installed, head over to the left side of the page to the Acquisition tab, then all traffic and then lastly to the channels tab.  This is absolute-pure-gold when you want to know what & where your traffic is coming form. I’ve spoken about measurement in the past and this is a great place to gather measurement data. It separates the traffic into categories – Organic, direct, referral and social. Once you set your date range that you want to measure, you’re going to get some absolutely critical information here for your business.

From this SEO sample client of ours you can see that they get about 70% of their traffic from organic search which resulted in 645 new users visiting for the first time in that month. You can also see about 20% of their traffic are from the Direct  results heading meaning someone using their URL directly and about 9% coming from referral traffic like a link from another site. This client spends zero time promoting on social which explains the horrible .17 percent of traffic coming from social networks.

This measurement is part of our comprehensive monthly review for our larger marketing clients that spend on both social and search.  And while our example was exclusively using SEO client’s data, it’s important to recognize the value of the data. Whether you’re a seasoned business or a brand new startup, every business owner needs to look at this report because it empowers data driven marketing decisions. How are you spending money on the acquisition of clients and most importantly which channels are generating real ROI?

Every business owner needs to look at this report because it empowers data driven marketing decisions.

Use this easy tip and you’ll start seeing your data in a different way. We are straight practitioners. Period.